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    All Partners Work Together

  • The First Meeting in Poland

    The First Meeting in Poland

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Welcome to RADWAN Project Website

Main objective: To increase the educational opportunities at approx. 600 students and strengthen the attractiveness and increase the educational offer 4 partner schools through the implementation of innovative teaching methods, increase core competence and cross-students and increase their educational aspirations for the duration of the project.
An additional aim is to disseminate among students and teachers Europass, so that students will learn to plan their future and parallel implementation of the project on eTwining.
Detail objectives:
1. presentation of the methodology of how to use innovation and in particular the use of ICT;
2. to encourage the continuation of the career of students (raising the aspirations of 120 students from Polish);
3. through humanistic approach, students will begin to appreciate science as a valuable field of activity;
4. increase the competence of 60 teachers in the use of innovative teaching methods;
5. creation of equal opportunities of development and take part in the future of approx. 600 pupils involved in the project activities by broadening the educational offer extracurricular educational competence, use of ICT, mathematics, sciences - natural sciences and foreign languages;

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